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Our Extra Features

The global logistics market is continuously changing due to technological innovation, sustainability efforts, need for goods and materials, the emergence of new markets, and mergers and acquisitions.
1. Freight transport by road

Road freight transport has a number of advantages, as it has a dense network and can be used for door-to-door transport without transshipment, so that the risk of injury from transshipment is minimal. It offers a wide range of goods, is flexible, and the route can be easily modified if required.

2. Freight forwarding

The organization of transport is nothing more than planning the course of transit, the route of the goods from the point of departure to the receipt of the goods. The essence of this is that the goods reach the destination with the most cost-effective transport corresponding to their value, without any deterioration in value, with the lowest possible risk of damage or deterioration.

3. Giving you clear visibility

With MS Duo you get clear visibility of your shipment's journey. You can book your shipping from warehouse to warehouse, port to port or other combinations. Whatever you choose, we make sure you can track your cargo along the way and stay up to date on its status.

4. Logistics management

The purpose of logistics goes beyond getting materials, information, or people from point A to point B in time. Logistics also aims to carry out the transfer in the most efficient and fastest way possible, using the available strength and financial resources.

5. You grow your business

As the world of commerce is changing, it's time to change your business with it. Move your logistics service from offline to online. With MS Duo Trasporti, booking, tracking and managing your shipments is easy.

6. Easy booking, multiple services

Forget those lengthy email chains. We make booking online fast and easy - with just a few clicks - whether you want to import or export; book yourself or authorize your supplier.